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W    O    R    K 

TEAL Capital acts for international lenders in tailoring a Nordic lending strategy

Gain access to Europe’s 3rd largest real estate transaction market with the benefit of a local team with strong deal sourcing capability

Overcoming the barrier to entry

Team with 100+ years of international and Nordic real estate lending and transaction experience and extensive local network 

Mandate centered around our debt partner's lending criteria and appetite

Ensures focus on the right opportunities and a fully cohesive marketing initiative 

Complementary and non-competing strategies 

Offer exclusivity in relation to each strategy

Retained control

Ultimate lending decisions retained with our debt partners

On-the-ground structuring and process management delivering significant efficiencies

A competitive debt offering requires being able to deliver a seamless execution that is compatable with local market standards while meeting international lending requirements

Immediate go-to-market without start up costs and hiring commitments 

All the benefits of a local experienced team   

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